I feel bad for my dad.

When I was a teenager, he would try to have “teachable moments” with me.

Maybe it was teaching me how to start the weed-whacker, or how to do basic handyman stuff.

I NEVER wanted to listen. I didn’t want to learn.

Now I’m 30 and FAR from handy. Wish I had paid more attention.


Because there are some thing that I simply can’t figure out on my own. If my dad didn’t show me how to start a stubborn weed-whacker, I wouldn’t be able to “think my way through it.”

I’d be stuck.

I know how I want my grass to look, but I don’t know how to use the tools to make it happen.

That’s a lot like mastering.

If no one has ever shown you the ropes, you can stare at the tools (EQ’s, compressors, multi-band compressors, limiters) all day long, and nothing will suddenly “click.”

“Trying things” never worked very well for me when it came to mastering.

I needed guidance.

And that guidance came in the form of my “mastering daddy” Ian Shepherd. 🙂

To read his “Top 10 DIY Mastering Mistakes” for free and learn how to stop making some classic mastering mistakes, click here now:


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner