Y’know the old adage “less is more” ??

Here’s a new twist on it.

When you’re mixing a song, do you quickly reach for plugins and start tweaking away? Do you start with the far left track in the mixer window (usually the kick drum) and work your way from left to right, tweaking each track until it sounds perfect?

In the words of Dr. Phil, “How’s that working out for ya?”

See, that’s the way I used to mix, too. I would go track by track, tediously working through each one until I had made it through the mix. But my mixes didn’t sound all that great. Each track sounded great by itself, but when I played ‘em all together it didn’t sound much better than before I added all those plugins.

What gives?

The problem is that I was taking a small approach to mixing. I was zoomed in so far that I missed the mix entirely. I was more concerned with how the kick drum sounded by itself than how it sounded in the mix.

The solution was to turn my mixing workflow upside-down…literally.

Instead of starting at the individual track level, I start at a big, global level. That means I focus on the overall mix and the various buses that I set up before I ever start adding plugins to individual tracks.

It feels “backwards” because it is. But it works so much better, AND it lets me finish mixes in less time, and oftentimes with WAY fewer plugins.

I explain it more in my new eBook The Mixing Playbook, and you’ll get it see it in action with the mixing videos I’ll be sending you as an Understanding Mixing customer.

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Joe Gilder
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