They call it the Information Age.

We can learn anything we want.

That’s a good thing, except when it’s a bad thing.

I was recently poking around the web to see what folks out there are teaching about audio. And I see a disturbing trend, a trend that could potentially waste a lot of your time.

All information is not created equal.

Let’s say you want to learn more about EQ. You find some videos that talk about amplitude, frequency, waveforms, Q, filters, etc. You learn a TON of information about what an EQ is and how it works.

But after absorbing all that knowledge, you’re no better at using EQ in a mix than you were before.

There’s the problem.

I think the “college culture” of the last few centuries is partly to blame. We’ve placed so much value on acquiring knowledge for knowledge’s sake. We assume that if we want to produce great music, we have to “pay our dues” and learn all about the inner workings of an EQ.

Guess what? You don’t have to know how a piano works to write a beautiful song. You just have to know how to play.

THAT kind of knowledge (in my opinion) is far more valuable than useless trivia.

Hey, if you like learning about the inner workings of all your equipment, go for it. But if you spend all your time researching instead of making music, you’re stalling.

Plain and simple.

Making great music involves learning AND doing, not just learning. And that’s at the heart of what we do every month inside the Dueling Mixes members area.

People just like you are learning HELPFUL things, applying them, and making huge improvements.

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Joe Gilder
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