If you think I’m going to wax political, you’re incorrect. But yes, I voted today.

Election season is so…um…”interesting.”

You’ve got candidates touting themselves as the answer to every imaginable problem, while at the same time accusing their competitors of being the absolute worst option in the history of democracy.

Sure, you may prefer one candidate over another. Both have good qualities, but they’re also both flawed, imperfect humans.

If you don’t think you have anything in common with an election-day candidate, think again.

Anything you do in the studio, you’re doing it to earn votes. What types of votes?

Ear Votes – You want people to vote with their ears. You want them to actually WANT to listen to your music and mixes. If no one’s listening, you’ve got work to do. (And it’s not a matter of campaigning to convince them to listen…the music itself should do all the “convincing.” If you have to explain away problems in your mix, you’ve not mixed it well enough.)

Wallet Votes – The best way to know if people want you working on their music is if they’ll pry open their wallets to pay you. If no one’s paying you, perhaps you need to ask more, or perhaps you need to produce a better, more desirable “product” that they would be willing to shell out some cash for.

Opinion Votes – If musicians are constantly asking you what YOU would do on a particular song, count that as a solid vote for your campaign. They wouldn’t ask if they didn’t appreciate your skills.

Obviously, there’s a lot of cross-over between these types of votes. Ideally you want to work with people who love listening to your work, happily pay you for your time, AND want your opinion on the creative process.

But what if you don’t get the votes? What if they choose to use somebody else?

Here’s a real-world example. I literally did not get enough votes last month.

Dueling Mixes members voted on Graham’s and my mixes. Graham got more votes. But you know what? I didn’t lose. I still win.


I learned a LOT from Graham’s mix and his video where he explained how he went about mixing the song.

I walked away from that election with a whole bunch of new ideas for my next mix. And THAT’s how to never lose an election.

No matter the circumstances, there are powerful, applicable lessons to be learned, lessons that will make your mixes better.

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