If you struggle with finishing projects, I want to help you change that in 2014.

Chances are good that you’re great at starting projects. You get excited about the prospect of producing an amazing-sounding recording. You start strong and work hard.

But then you slow down.

Life gets in the way.

It seems like every time you try to get into your studio to make some progress on that once-exciting project, the to-do list continues to grow longer.

Your excitement dwindles.

You procrastinate.

You never finish.

Today I want to share with you the 3 S’s of finishing that next project.

(And I’ll actually SHOW you how I do it, too.)


You need to be specific about what it is you’re trying to accomplish. What will the final product look like?

Once you know WHAT you’re working on, be specific about WHEN it will be done.

(That’s called a deadline, pumpkin, and you need to set one.)


How many steps could you eliminate in the process?

Do you REALLY need to record 7 takes of lead vocals? Could you only record one or two?

Cut the to-do list down to the bare minimum, then…


This is the “easy” part.

Schedule a session on your calendar, even if it’s only one hour on Saturday. Schedule it, get in there, and start on the very next “must-do” task.

Just focus on that one task.

Then do it again…and again.

This afternoon, I will be applying these three S’s to record and release (for sale) a song in under an hour.

It’s a part of Presonus’s weekly “Presonus Live” event.

It’s today at 2pm Central Time.

You can find the link here:


Joe Gilder
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