You might not remember this, but Graham Cochrane and I launched exactly one year ago this month.

For the last 12 months, Graham and I have competed on mixing 12 different songs. Our members vote each month for their favorite mix.

And guess what?

I’m the biggest loser.


Graham won more months than me.

Guess what else?

I’m not bitter, angry, or resentful. Do you know why?

Because these last 12 months have made me better. Sure, it stings to see the voting going in Graham’s direction. Of course no one likes to hear why some people don’t like your mix.

But I’ve gotten better because of it.

I’m a better mixer today than I was a year ago.

But that’s not even the half of it.

Our members are better mixers than they were a year ago, too.

So cool.

Whether you decide to join Dueling Mixes or not, make it a point to make yourself better over the next 12 months. Work on projects for other people. Get real, constructive feedback, and stay focused.

You WILL get better…as long as you don’t quit.

Losing (as it turns out) ain’t so bad after all.

Joe Gilder
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