Man, this one bums me out.

Really, it does.

People tell me all the time how they “JUST don’t have enough time” to spend in their studio.

I understand it, I really do.

I’m a husband and a daddy, and we’re about to have twin girls in the next month or so, so I KNOW how quickly my time can be snatched up by other good, legitimate activities.

I get it.

But I want to challenge you with some quick math.

We’ll start with the total number of hours in a week: 168.

Now we’ll subtract:

  • 40 hours for your job.
  • 10 hours for your commute (1 hour each way)
  • 21 hours for meals (1 hour per meal)
  • 56 hours for sleep (8 hours per night)
  • 35 hours of quality time with family/friends (5 hours per day)

And what are you left with?


Now go back and look at that list. I used VERY generous numbers in every category. (Do you really drive 2 hours per day to work? Do you really sleep 8 hours per night? Do you really spend an entire hour eating every meal?)

Even with all those conservative numbers, you STILL have 6 whole hours left over.

Sure, you might need to cut the grass, go to the gym, or do other things, but wouldn’t you agree that it’s entirely possible that you could find at LEAST one hour every week to work on music?

Where could you cut back to give you that extra hour or two each week?

Maybe watch one less re-run of “Storage Wars”?

Maybe spend one less hour on Facebook?

Maybe go to bed one hour later ONE night per week? (Or get up one hour earlier ONE day per week?)

Now, I can predict your next response:

“Yeah, but one hour isn’t enough time to accomplish anything.”

That’s complete nonsense.

You can accomplish a BOAT-LOAD of stuff in 60 minutes. I know because a couple years ago I gave myself a series of 16 one-hour challenges, and I recorded all of them. Each challenge was something big, like “edit all the tracks in a song” or “mix this song” or “record the guitar parts for this song.”

And you know what?

I did ’em.

All of ’em.

Not because I’m some super-awesome productivity beast.

I’m just a normal dude who forced himself to accomplish as much as he could in one hour.

Now, imagine if you could devote 2, 3, or even 6 hours a week to your studio.

Or one afternoon a month?

If you focus on the right stuff, you’ll be making HUGE progress, and you’ll be really proud of how it sounds.

But you’ve got to stop hiding behind the “I don’t have time” excuse.

That’s just an excuse. And it’s not even a very good one.

Don’t believe me? Good. You should try it for yourself and see if I’m right.

A great way to do that would be to join Dueling Mixes.

You’ll immediately get the multi-tracks to a song, and you can start scheduling your sessions, one hour here, one hour there…and I bet you’ll have a kickin’ finished mix in less than a month.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? You end up finishing a mix in two months instead of two years?

I’d say that’s a sweet improvement.

Get started here:

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