Last night a funny thing happened.

Pam and I were unloading our dishwasher, putting clean dishes away while the kids ate dinner. Pam was standing across the room, next to the cabinet where the coffee mugs go. I was standing next to the dishwasher.

I picked up a mug, and something came over me.

I couldn’t help myself.

I said, “Hey, catch,” and tossed it over to her as soon as she turned around.

As the mug floated towards her in slow-motion, her eyes got HUGE.

But she caught it.

I then proceeded to throw another ten coffee mugs at her (hey, we drink a lot of coffee), and she caught every single one of them.

She was laughing the whole time, saying “No, stop!” But I kept flingin’ ‘em her way. One time she even tried to run out of the kitchen to make me stop, and I threw one at her while she was running…and she caught it.

Our 4-year-old thought it was HILARIOUS.

And I immediately said, “That’s gonna make a good email for tomorrow.”


Because if I had asked Pam if she could catch 10 coffee mugs in a row, her answer would have been “Absolutely not!”

But in reality, she absolutely could do it. She DID do it.

Does that sound like you?

“Oh, I could never create mixes that sound that good.”

I gotta call bull on that one.

Maybe all you need is a little friendly pressure.

Maybe you need someone standing there, throwing mixes at you every month, forcing you to mix each one of them.

What you’ll discover is that you absolutely CAN make great mixes. You DO have it in you.

It just needs to be scared out sometimes.

Of course, I’m talking about your Dueling Mixes membership. Today’s a perfect day to join, because tonight is our monthly coaching call, where Graham Cochrane and I spend an hour answering member questions and dealing with their specific problems and issues.

It is an invaluable part of your membership, but you’ll need to join now to get access to it.

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Joe Gilder
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