A few days ago, I received an email from someone at Toontrack wanting to partner with me as a sponsor and do some advertising on Home Studio Corner.

Let me preface this by saying that I like Toontrack. I’ve used EZDrummer for years. Superior Drummer is outstanding, and I’ve heard some songs done with EZKeys that sound really great.

That said, I told them I’m not interested.

I don’t like with the way they market their EZMix products.

Here are a few quotes, copied and pasted directly from their website:

“With the vast collection of ready-made presets, mixing music is not only easy and incredibly fast – you end up with results second to none.”

“Making professional mixes has never been easier!”

“Lend some pro secrets and platinum record magic to your music by letting seasoned veterans do the tweaking for you!”

See what I mean?

I’m all for creating great, innovative new products.

I’m certainly all for clever marketing.

But I’m not okay with the overall theme that mixing is “easy.” It feeds into the all-too-popular myth that if you only acquire the right magical combination of gear and software, your music will finally sound amazing.”

EZMix might be an amazing product, but I believe it’s misleading to imply that using the same presets as a pro mixing engineer will give you pro mixes. What makes a pro a pro is what’s in his head, not what’s on the screen. I’ve personally never used the exact same plugin setting twice. I always tweak things differently based on — wait for it — what the track sounds like in the mix.

Developing your ears is a key skill. You can’t shortcut it with trendy products.

To learn how to mix the “old-fashioned” way, go to:


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner