I started HomeStudioCorner.com back in 2009.

There’s something I regret about the first couple of years.

I would write blog posts and create videos, teaching the basics of home recording, but something wasn’t quite right.

I would encourage people to be productive and get things done in their studio, but something was off.

What was the problem?

The problem was that I wasn’t able to speak with confidence.

At best, I would pretend to be confident, but that wouldn’t last.

Why no confidence?

Because I wasn’t actively working on new projects in my studio. I would sporadically work on a song one weekend, and then it would be another month or two before I would work on something else.

All the while I was sharing tips and advice on HomeStudioCorner.com.

I felt like a fraud.

I couldn’t legitimately say, “I was working on a mix this week, and I noticed…”

I couldn’t do it, because it had been a month since I had last worked on a mix.

First off, I had a hard time coming up with topics to discuss on the site, because I wasn’t working in my studio all that much.

Secondly (and more importantly), I didn’t have much confidence.

Is that your experience, too?

Do you love to talk about recording? Do you love to watch YouTube videos and hang out on forums and Twitter and Facebook, talking about recording techniques?

But is there also a nagging feeling that it’s all just one big act of procrastination? That you’re actually avoiding doing real work in your studio?

There’s only one solution.





Go work on something. Every week.

And you’ll notice something. You’ll have more confidence. AND your recordings and mixes will sound better.

Funny how that works.

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Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner