Yesterday I told you about how I had the chance to sing through a $6,000 microphone recently.

One thing happened at the beginning of that session that stood out to me.

My buddy (who brought the mic over) told me that he had been told the mic has a bit of a “sweet spot.” It tends to sound better when the singer is very close to the mic instead of far away.

I was skeptical, but I tried it. And the mic sounded fantastic, even from just a few inches away.

That’s not the case with all microphones, and because of that, I’ve been encouraging you to record vocals from farther away. I’ll sometimes track vocals from up to 12 inches away or more.

But sometimes there are benefits to recording very close, too.

So, if you’ve heard me say “back up from the microphone,” and you’ve followed my advice, let me clarify a bit.

If ALL you’ve ever done is record the source as close to the microphone as possible, then you absolutely need to back up the microphone and (this is key) see what it sounds like.

The reason recording and mixing music is so much fun is because there are no rules. Sometimes singing from 18 inches away sounds phenomenal. Sometimes singing from 4 inches away is the ticket.

Either way, you need to listen and decide for yourself. Give yourself options. Try things. Expand your arsenal of “tricks.”

And before you know it, your recordings AND your mixes will sound better than they ever have.

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