Saw Iron Man 3 a few weeks ago.

Fun movie.

(If you’re not familiar with the movies, Tony Stark is a billionaire genius inventor who develops this “super suit” that turns him into a super hero.)

Throughout the movie, Tony is having a bit of an identity crisis. He suffers panic attacks from the stress of being in such a high-profile position.

One of the subplots of the movie (and I’m not giving anything away here) is the story of Tony realizing who Iron Man really is.

It’s not the fancy suit with all the gadgets.

It’s him.

Tony Stark is Iron Man.

Take away all the fun toys, and he’s STILL Iron Man. (Remember the first movie? He assembles the first Iron Man suit while being held captive in a CAVE.)

So what about you?

What makes you a good musician? A good recordist? A good mixer?

Are you defined by the fancy gadgets (or lack thereof)?

Or are you like Iron Man?

And you say stuff like, “Take away all the nice mics, preamps, converters, and interfaces, and I’ll still produce music that will blow your mind.”

Tony Stark didn’t become Iron Man overnight. It resulted in a lifetime of learning AND taking action.

Genius has little to do with it. ACTION is what matters.

And we offer both over at Dueling Mixes. Learning and action, delivered to you every month.

New month starts tomorrow. Ready to go?

Joe Gilder
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