As you know, I run a membership site with my good buddy Graham Cochrane called Dueling Mixes.

Every month we mix a new song, and the members vote on which one they like best. The voting is usually close, but after 9 months, Graham is beating me by 4 songs.

See, I knew this might happen. I knew it was risky. I’m putting myself out there, giving myself a chance to fail in front of hundreds (and now thousands, since I’m telling you about it) of people.

Most people would take a look at that risk and call it quits. They wouldn’t have even started if there was a chance they’d fail.

That’s how a lot of people look at criticism, too. They avoid it like the plague. And then when they get some, they lash out. Or maybe they become devastated. Either way, they resolve to do everything they can to prevent it from happening again.

So they retreat to their comfortable studio, and work on projects…but they only work on ’em. They never release anything. Releasing things is dangerous.

So they never get better.

Am I worried that sharing with you how Graham is beating me over at Dueling Mixes will hurt my credibility with you?


Why? Because I know how much Dueling Mixes is helping people just like you get better mixes than they’ve ever gotten before.

They’re learning how to become better listeners. They’re learning how to critique mixes better. I’ll gladly post my mix for someone to tear apart, if it helps her improve.

See, the beauty of it all is this:

When I receive criticism, I briefly ask myself if I agree with the criticism. If I do, I now have something I focus on correcting in my next mix.

If DON’T agree, then I move on and stop thinking about it.

It’s all subjective.

On months where I’ve lost to Graham, I’ve actually personally preferred my mix over his. My mix sounds like what I wanted the song to sound like. His mix sounds like what he wanted it to sound like.

People have different preferences.

So I’m not depressed because I’m losing.

I’m just excited that Graham and are doing something valuable, something that is really helping people.

And we’re having a blast doing it.

Are you ready to join the fun?

Joe Gilder
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