I released a tutorial video series last month called Understanding Editing. On the order page, I basically talk about how cool I think editing is, and what a big difference it makes on my projects.

I even included a before-and-after audio sample right there on the page.

A few days after launching UE, I got an email from a reader who basically posted a parody of my order page on his website.

He was essentially making fun of the idea that editing is a valuable part of the recording process, emphasizing instead that the musicians should simply practice more.

I completely agree that musicians should practice their craft. If you’re a musician, you really shouldn’t walk into a recording session unless you have properly rehearsed the material you’re about to record.

To me, that’s a given.

As I’ve said a bajillion times, you need to get it right at the source. No amount of editing, EQ, compression, effects, etc. can rescue a bad recording.

If the musician is horrible…the edited tracks will also sound horrible.

If the guitarist’s tone is wretched…the EQ’d and compressed tone will be wretched.

Garbage in. Garbage out. Right?

That said, editing still plays a huge roll in the production process. It’s where you take a great performance and polish it. You tighten up those little spots where the player came in a bit early or late. You’re essentially removing any distracting components to the recording.

You’r not altering the performance, you’re enhancing it. It still sounds like the musician. In fact, if you edit the tracks properly, the musician won’t even know that you changed anything. He’ll just be really impressed with how tight everything sounds.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.

Also, tomorrow night at midnight Eastern time, I’m raising the price of Understanding Editing from the introductory price of $37 to $47. Either way, it’s a good value for 3+ hours of videos and practice tracks. You can grab a copy here:


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