I’m writing this on a beautiful Saturday morning in the fall. Most people I know here in America sacrifice their Saturdays on the altar of college football.

Thus begins the season of life where I am in a perpetual state of feeling left out in most public conversations, because I don’t watch football.

I’ve got nothing against the sport. I actually love watching it. I played football in high school. We went to the state championship my junior year. But alas, I’ll probably watch one quarter of a football game all season.

Shift gears a bit. One of the cool things about running Home Studio Corner since 2009 is that I interact with a lot of cool home studio folks, most of them musicians. Wanna know one phrase I hear more than anything else?

“I just don’t have TIME.”

I can empathize. As a husband and father of three kids (including 3-year-old identical twin girls), I understand it. Time is short. There are a million things demanding your immediate attention. It can be difficult to make time to get in your studio and make some music.

As with most things, however, there are two sides to this story. 

I have a sneaky suspicion that a lot of the people who tell me, “I just don’t have enough time to work on music,” are the same people who will spend 20 hours per week watching football games in the fall.

I have one question for you:

Is it worth it?

If you have a big goal like “Play Ryman Auditorium” like I do, or maybe if your goal is something more doable like “release a 5-song EP,” are those 20 hours of football (or Netflix or video games) going to help you get there? At the end of this football season, when you’ve logged over 300 hours in front of the TV, will you have anything to show for it? Anything tangible you can share with the world, other than a few great 4th-quarter comeback stories?

What if you took those 300 hours and worked on music instead? What if you released an EP by the time the Super Bowl or NCAA College Championship Game airs? How would that feel? Would it be worth it?  Would you feel like you wasted your time? Or would you feel like accomplished something worthwhile?

If you want to watch every football game that airs this season, go for it. I’m not judging you. But please don’t complain to me 3 months from now when another year has passed, and you haven’t released any music or made any real progress on your musical dreams and goals.

Anything worth doing takes sacrifice, whether it’s music, marriage, parenting, or health.

Are you where you want to be musically? Is there something you can sacrifice to get there?