Happy Monday! How have you been? I only posted once last week, because I’ve been busy with my latest project, OneHourChallenges.com.

If you haven’t checked it out, I’ve posted three free videos to that site. These are much more in-depth videos than the videos I post here on HSC. My normal free videos are around 7-10 minutes. These One-Hour Challenge videos are over 80 minutes combined. The 3 videos are:

  • “Give me just a little more TIME”
  • 10 Biggest Studio Time-Wasters
  • How to Complete a 1-Hour Challenge

If you’re interested in free training from me on how to get more done in your home studio, then check out those videos TODAY. I’m taking them down Wednesday, July 14th.

So…is productivity a dirty word?

I’ve been thinking a lot about productivity lately. A year ago I was working for Sweetwater Sound as a sales engineer. Being in sales, I was always trying to be more productive and make a better use of my time. Better productivity = more sales.

But what about in a home studio? If recording is your hobby, should you really care if you’re not being productive? After all, it’s a hobby. Who cares if you spend a lot of time in your studio with nothing to show for it…right?

Well…maybe not.

You see, if you spend hours upon hours working on your music, but you never finish anything, you end up becoming disillusioned with the whole process. We’re music producers. We are producing something. But if we never actually have a finished product, then we feel like something’s missing.

This may not apply to you, but I’ve found that the more home studio owners I talk to, the more stories I hear of people who are passionate about music but are frustrated with how they spend their time in their studios.

That resonated with me, hence the free videos over at OneHourChallenges.com. There will be a paid course available later this week. Even if you don’t join, I’d encourage you to check out those videos and decide for yourself if you think you could be more productive in your studio.

Don’t forget, the videos are only available to the public for two more days.

P.S. Thanks for being a Home Studio Corner reader. 🙂