Got an email from long-time customer “Sparkins” the other day. Here’s a part of his email, lamenting how little he gets done in his studio now compared to the “old days”:

You see in the “old days” of tape, reel to reel, and my trusty 4-track Tascam Portastudio, (which i loved btw) I recorded and wrote heaps!

Every little title idea..bang..done!

Struck with a song idea or record,bang …done!

Complete songs..done!

You’d think now with my latest DAW (Cubase 6), new interface, and midi controller, my lovely looking and sounding music room, I would be even more prolific, and creative..?


I don’t seem to get half as much done!

I can relate to this so well. Can you?

For some reason, creative types tend to bristle at words like “productivity.”

Got news for you artsy fartsies — productivity is NOT a dirty word.

Being productive simply means you PRODUCED something.

If you spend hours upon hours in your studio and ever produce anything, something’s broken.

And I’m as susceptible to this as you are.

I could win awards on time-wasting.

If I don’t plan out my day and have a specific list of next actions that I want to accomplish, I will waste hours “playing around” with my studio gear, with nothing to show for it.

The answer is simple. Have a plan. Have a goal. And work towards that goal and NOTHING else.

“But Joe, that kills creativity!”

Bull hockey.

If your goal is to write and record a new song, and you’re focusing 100% of your attention on that goal, you’re forcing yourself to be creative…that’s the complete opposite of killing creativity.

Sure, there are days where you’ll just want to goof around in the studio, but those should be the exception, not the rule.

When you sit down in your studio, before you touch ANYTHING, decide what you’re going to accomplish, and do that…and nothing else.

Give it a shot. If you commit to this, you’ll be emailing me in a few months to tell me how much you’ve accomplished (i.e. finished) in your studio.

Make it happen, cap’n.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

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