I received a comment recently that went something like this:

“I’ve been consuming your content for a while now. This article was the final piece of the puzzle for me. Now I can start working on my EP. Thank you!!”

While I am immensely grateful that anyone would take time to read one of my articles or watch one of my videos, I always feel a little icky when I get comments like this.

Here was my response:

“You’re very welcome. I want to challenge you, though. It sounds like you are waiting to acquire enough knowledge before you make your EP. Make your EP right now. Learn on the job. Acquire knowledge as you go. The only REAL learning happens when you’re in the thick of it, making art, releasing it to the world. Go do that. Today.”

Of course I want you to watch my videos and even become a VIP member or buy one my courses, but ONLY if you’re actively, regularly, continually using what you learn to make new music. That’s what I REALLY want for you.

Here’s the harsh reality. You could sit down for the next two weeks and watch every video I’ve ever made, but at the end of it you won’t be any better than when you started.

You only get better when you take what you’ve learned and make something with it.

I get better at playing guitar by practicing guitar. I get better at making music by making more music.

Let’s be a community who are constantly pushing the envelope, taking chances, and making great new music.


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner