I heard a great quote from Zig Ziglar the other day.

“It’s dangerous to set goals. It’s infinitely more dangerous not to set goals.”

He also mentioned that when boats remain at anchor in a harbor, they’re much more likely to deteriorate than boats at sea. By literally staying in one safe place, they put themselves in a more dangerous position.

How does that apply to you and your home studio?

Are you constantly planning your next big adventure?

Are you waiting for all the right pieces to come into place before you venture out on that new project?

Perhaps that’s the most dangerous position of all.

I’ve got news for you. That day will never come.

You will never be completely ready for that next project. You will always have some fear inside of you every time you take on a new client or project.

The key is to move past it. The key is to do it anyway. The key is to take action.

So if you find yourself crippled by fear, I suggest you close this e-mail, head over to your studio, and start working on a project.

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Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner