Today’s the day.

My new album is finally released over at my music website. Check it out here:


The album is called Help of the Helpless.

It’s a collection of old Christian hymns that I’ve re-written arrangements for over the years.

I’m proud of this album, and I’m glad to finally get to share it with you.

For a little behind-the-scenes insider info (since I’m sure you’re wondering), here’s how I’m handling the release:

First off, I’m using a company called Nimbit (affiliate link) to sell the album. With my previous album, I sold it directly through my music site, using a combination of various shopping cart services, none of which were really designed for selling music.

About a year ago I found out about Nimbit, which is actually owned now by my good friends over at Presonus.

They do it all, and I’ve enjoyed working with them so far. They’ve really helped streamline the process, which I luuuuv.

So right now I’m selling everything through my Nimbit store, including both digital downloads and physical CDs. (They actually mail the CDs for me, I just have to send them inventory. VERY cool.)

Speaking of CDs, I used Discmakers again this time for CD replication. They did a fantastic job as usual. I only made 100 copies, since most people just opt for the digital download (except for my mom).

I’ll eventually release the album on iTunes, Amazon, etc., but for now it’s available only at my music site.

Anyhoo, thats a little glimpse into the album. You can listen to the whole thing for free here:


And if you like what you hear, buy yourself a copy. 🙂

Joe Gilder
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