I listen to a lot of audiobooks and watch a lot of videos about business and marketing. It’s fascinating to me.

The most interesting part is how people with seemingly opposite opinions can both be successful.

One guys says to work less and only focus on the most important things. Another guy says to work more, hustle more, and win by the sheer quantity of actions you take.

Both guys are successful. Both guys are right.

We live in an either/or world. Politicians and news shows lead the way.

You’re either pro-life or you’re a baby-killer.

You’re either anti-guns or pro-mass shootings.

There are almost NEVER only two sides to the story. Only lazy people dumb down the problems to cute one-liners. The bigger the problem, the more complex the solution.

When people ask me what it takes to write better songs, I tell them to write a lot of bad songs first. The practice of merely finishing songs will make them better.

While that’s been true for me, it’s not the whole truth. If you ONLY write for quantity and don’t also strive to improve the quality of the songs, you’ll end up writing bad song after bad song.

The real world is more “both/and” than “either/or.” Perhaps the better answer to the songwriting question is to BOTH write more songs AND study great-songwriters. Or maybe it’s to both write a song AND send it to someone else for constructive feedback.

Why am I telling you this? I recently set some big goals, goals that force me to think bigger and step out of my comfort zone. It would be really easy for me to find some mundane task I could repeat over and over for a few months at a time, fooling myself into believing that I’m working towards my goals, but that would be a lie.

Stuff that’s worth doing, stuff that moves the needle, tends to involve doing MORE of the RIGHT things. It involves a focus on quantity AND quality.

How can you work that into your life and music? The repercussions could be pretty sweet.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

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