I’m a Seth Godin fan.

If you don’t know him, he’s a marketing guru who’s written a ton of interesting marketing books. My favorite so far is one called The Icarus Deception, where he discusses what it means to create ART.

Seth defines art as anything that involves creativity and being human. Selling real estate can be art. Over-delivering for a customer can be art. And yes, creating music in a home studio is definitely art.

However, there’s a common theme to a lot of Seth’s writing. It’s the idea of “shipping.”

Lemme explain.

If you were going to create and sell a physical product (let’s say a Home Studio Corner coffee mug…hey, that’s a great idea…), you would design the mug, work out manufacturing, distribution, sales, etc., right?

But if you never actually SHIP the product, it isn’t real. It’s just an idea. If you endlessly tweak the design and constantly shop around for a little bit better deal on manufacturing, but you never actually SHIP, it’s not real.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

You can’t call what you’re doing in your home studio art unless you SHIP it. In other words, it’s not real unless you release it to the world. It’s not art if someone else cannot enjoy it.

And they can’t enjoy it if it’s sitting on your hard drive, gathering digital dust.

What’s keeping you from creating REAL art?

If you need help flexing your shipping muscles, then join Dueling Mixes:


You’ll get the multi-track files to just one song per month, and we’ll encourage you like crazy to FINISH that song.

Before you know it, finishing projects will be second nature.

To better art,

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner