Come Hang Out In Nashville While I Record My Next EP!

Tutorial videos, podcasts, and articles are awesome, but there’s no substitute for hanging out in a studio and making great music.

Walk in on Friday morning with nothing, walk out Saturday night with a recorded EP. Create something from nothing. It feels amazing.

And I’d love for you to join me.

I’m booking musicians and a studio to track my next EP, and I’m turning it into a live in-person event.

Space is limited. I only have enough space in the studio for 10 people. Wanna come?

Here’s what you get if you attend:

  • 2 DAYS IN THE STUDIO with me, watching me do the whole Get It Right At The Source thing in real life. Friday and Saturday…aallll daaaayyy… 🙂
  • FREE LUNCH — I’ll make sure we have something yummy delivered to the studio to stuff our faces while we make sweet music.
  • 1 NIGHT OUT — Call it a party, call it a Q&A session…whatever tickles your fancy. We’re gonna hang out Friday night as a group.
  • 5 MIX VIDEOS – We won’t have time to mix at the event, but I’ll create videos for you, walking you through my mixes of each of the 4-6 songs we record during the weekend. I’ll send them to you by the end of August. (I’m releasing the EP on September 1.)
  • 30-MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION — Me, you, Skype or FaceTime. I’ll focus on YOU and your goals for your music/studio.
  • 1 CRITIQUE — In addition to the strategy session above, you can send me one of the tunes you’re working on for feedback/critique on how to make it better. (This can be a mix critique, recording critique, production critique, song critique, or all of the above.)


When is this shindig going down?

Friday, July 21 and Saturday, July 22. We’ll go all day both days and hang out together on Friday night.

Where is this happening?

Good ol’ Nashville, TN. I’ll be booking a studio for the session. I’ve narrowed it down to one or two places. TBA.

What will we be recording?

Definitely: Drums (Tim Horsley), Bass (Joel Bezaire), Guitars, Keys, Vocals (me)

Possibly: Anything else the songs need? I haven’t written them yet, so I have no idea. Possibilities include: cello, choir (maybe you can even sing in a gang vocal on a tune?), steel guitar, B3, piano…

I realize this sounds vague and unprepared, but that’s the way I like to roll. Write songs, bring together good musicians, see what kind of magic happens.

Is this a class or workshop or…what is this??

This is more like a fun Behind-the-Scenes event than a traditional “recording workshop.” I’ve got plenty of videos out there to teach you the concepts of recording drums, bass, etc. This is about you joining me while I DO the thing. Rather than talk about making music, we’re gonna make music. You can stop and ask questions along the way, for sure. There will be plenty of time to hang out and learn stuff, but the main focus on this event will be to make music…I want you to experience that. I want you to walk away fired UP to go back home and make music, and help others make music.

THAT’S why we do what we do.

Will there be a recording? Will it be live-streamed?

No. I’m sure I’ll document a lot of the day on GilderCam or some other video content, but I won’t be recording the entire event. It’s a live, in-person, you-gotta-be-there kinda thing.

How much will this cost me?

This is not a free event. Most of what I do with Home Studio Corner and my YouTube channel are free. Events like this are not free, but I work hard to make it insanely valuable…a no-brainer for the money.

That’s why tickets to this event are $1,000.

That’s a good chunk of money, but it’s right up there with buying your latest studio computer, microphone, guitar, or speakers. Rather than buying that nice preamp, spend that money on an experience that you’ll never forget, an experience that will leave you fired up to go home and make incredible music. And the best part is you don’t have to pay almost $50,000+ in audio school tuition.

On that note…

Experience vs Stuff

One quick thought on pursuing experiences vs “stuff.”

I have a big goal to one day play Ryman Auditorium one day. Why? For the money I’ll make from the show? No…it’s for the experience of playing at that amazing venue. The experience of connecting with the other musicians on stage. The experience of connecting with that audience.

That’s what I want for you when you attend this small 2-day event in Nashville, an unforgettable experience that will set you on a path to create more and more unforgettable experiences of your own in your own studio.

Okay, enough from me. Are you ready to join me?


I’ll email you with more specifics soon. Can’t wait to hang out!

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner