Read another great book over the weekend.

(Someone stop me, I think I have a problem.)

It’s called “The Power of Less” by Leo Babauta.

Lots of good stuff in there that can totally apply to you and your music projects.

He proposed one suggestion in particular that I’m gonna try out, and I think you should, too.

He said to make a list of all your active projects, anything you’re working on that would take a day or more to complete, something that would require several steps to finish. Home, work, studio, music. List ‘em all.

Then…choose the 3 most important ones.

And focus ONLY on those.

You can’t work on another project until ALL three are done.

Now, if the project is huge, break it down into smaller sub-projects.

But that’s the simple rule.

Three projects. And you can’t work on another one until all three are done.

“But…but…” you say.

I know. I tried to come up with excuses, too. But I couldn’t. It makes sense.

Before reading this book, I probably had 20-30 active projects on my list.

Guess how many of them I was actually working on?

“Would none be an accurate estimate?” (Name that quote.)

Pretty close to it.

But now that I’ve narrowed them all down to just three, I’m working like a madman to get ‘em done, so I can get to others, too.

It’s crazy.

As am I.

But it’s pretty awesome, too.

As is my VIP members area.

A place chock full of:

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Get thyself signed up here:

Maybe one of your 3 projects should be: “Sign up for VIP, watch one video, and apply what I learn.”

It’ll be a game-changer, I promise.

Joe Gilder
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