It cracked me up.

As I was prepping all the material for this month over at Dueling Mixes, I was shocked at how different my mix was from Graham’s.

The song is a hybrid rock/hip-hop song, and we took COMPLETELY different approaches to the mix.

This may be the biggest difference in mixes we’ve had in the 17 months since Dueling Mixes launched.

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So you might think that with the mixes being so different from each other that one would clearly be “better” than the other. But that’s not the case. Graham’s winning in the votes so far (mostly because has his mom vote for him a bunch of times), but I still prefer my mix over his.

Is his mix bad? Heck no. It rocks.

It my mix bad? Negatory. I like it a lot.

So whose mix is best?

That’s the beauty of it.

Whichever mix resonates with you more is the better one.

If I asked 20 people “Who’s the best guitarist of all time?” I can guarantee you two things:

#1 – They wouldn’t all give me the same answer.

#2 – None of them would answer: “Joe Gilder, of course.”

(That second one hurts a little.)

You don’t learn guitar technique for the sake of learning technique. You learn it so you can be more creative with your guitar playing.

You don’t learn mixing techniques in order to learn the “right way” to mix a song. You learn techniques so you can have more creative options to get the sound YOU want out of a mix.

Pretty nifty stuff, eh?

Joe Gilder
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