A couple weeks ago I wrote to you about how I don’t like mowing my grass.

Well, I ended up actually hiring someone to do it for me. (I felt very fancy.)

He did something really cool, too.

Something I think we home studio folks should try.

He has a little promotion where he’ll give me the third mow for free.

See, this is brilliant. He’s giving me something for free, which makes me feel special. But he’s also requiring me to commit to paying him for 2 mows, which gives him a chance to earn some money and prove that he’s good at what he does.

By the time I get my free mow, I’ll be hooked. He’s managed to get me into a routine of using him for my lawn care needs.

And since he does such a great job, I have no reason to change things up.

What kind of free deal can you do for your potential clients?

I think you’ll find that offering to do the third mix for free would work better than offering the first one for free. You’re making them take a tiny chance on you, and if you do good work, you’ll have ’em hooked.

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Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner