Last week I had a vocal tracking session with my buddy Daniel.

He needed me to sing lead vocals on a song he’s producing. So he came over to my studio, and brought a couple mics with him.

The first was a mic he borrowed from a friend of ours, a Blue Microphones Bottle. This mic clocks in at just under $6,000.

Then he also brought the Blue Microphones Baby Bottle, which sells for just under $400.

We set up both mics, and I sang a few lines into each. As we compared them, we liked the $6,000 microphone better, but it wasn’t THAT much better than the $400 mic.

On my voice, in my studio, on that Thursday afternoon, either microphone would have sounded just fine.

We spent about 15 minutes AB-ing the two mics. Then we spent about 2 hours laying down the vocal, section by section.

See what I did there?

Did you notice it?

We invested 8x more time into getting the performance right than we did in picking the right microphone.

That’s how it should be.

Got access to a great mic? Great. Use it. See if it sounds good.

Want to compare it to another mic? Go for it.

But once you choose a mic, spend as much time as you need to capture a fantastic performance.

Don’t spend 2 hours AB-ing microphones, only to spend 15 minutes laying down the vocal.

Err on the side of performance, not gear, and you’ll win almost every time.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

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