Today I’ve got a video for you.

It briefly explains my 5-step recording process.

AND…I share with you why I think you should consider checking out my popular Production Club class.

As of right now, I’m accepting new students.

Find out if it’s a good fit (and watch the new video) here:

I mentioned last week that there was something new going on with the Production Club. Something I’ve never done before. Something I’ve debated doing but I’ve never done.

What is it?

The doors to the club are open…and they won’t be closing!

In the past, I’ve only opened the doors for a brief time. Now, though, the doors are wide open. You can join today, or two weeks from now.

I will give you an incentive to join today.

Anyone who joins this week will get a free copy of one of my other “Understanding…” products. That’s up to a $97 value! Woot!

After you sign up, forward me your receipt and let me know what freebie you would like. You can get started in just a few seconds.

Here’s the link again: