You see a downside? I see an opportunity.

Only own one mic? Show the world how to get a great recording with just one mic.

Don’t own fancy plugins? Make an amazing mix with the stock ones.

This month over at Dueling Mixes, we’re mixing a piano rock song that features a real orchestra recording. But it’s not REALLY an orchestra…but almost.

You see, it’s easy to assume that if you don’t have a huge tracking room and dozens of inputs, you can’t possibly track an orchestra.

So you resort to a virtual instrument, which you end up burying in the mix because it doesn’t sound real.


You could do what the producer did for this Dueling Mixes song.

She hired an engineer here in Nashville, who in turn hired TWO musicians – a cellist and a violinist. He then recorded these two musicians playing together in a small-ish tracking room. Then he recorded them again, playing different parts. Then he moved them around in the tracking room and had them record again, and again, and again.

The next thing you know, you’re hearing a rich, full orchestra…all with just two musicians and some patience and creativity.

So next time you’re thinking about not even trying something in your studio because you’re “not set up to do that,” remember this email.

Instead of thinking, “I can’t do that,” ask the question: “HOW can I do that?”

You’d be amazed what your brain can come up with.

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