I’m not a big fan of exercise.

But I’m also not a big fan of being — how do I put this delicately? — “husky.”

But there’s really no way to lose the chub without putting in the hard work.

I can buy the latest workout routine DVD or book, sign up for a gym membership, create a killer spreadsheet to track my progress, develop the perfect workout plan, buy all the equipment I need…

…but NONE of those things will help me lose a single pound.

None of ’em will de-huskify me.

Only when I take those plans — the information, the tools — and put in the hard work will I ever see any results.

And it won’t happen fast.

The first few times I’ll feel like I’m gonna hurl.

But over time, it gets a little easier. My body starts to get a little smaller. My lungs don’t feel like they’re going to explode at any moment.

What about you and your recordings?

Are you happy with the way they sound?

Are they a bit husky? 🙂

Are you developing quite the collection of workout tools (plugins, microphones, preamps) and programs (training videos, books) and seeing no change?

You’ve got to put some effort into it.

There’s no such thing as liposuction for your recordings. You’ve got to put in the hours to hone your skills and make yourself better.

Gear can’t do that for you.

My training videos can’t do that for you.

I can help you make better recordings, but only if you’re willing to do your part and APPLY the things I teach.

The first step to good mixes is learning how to effectively EQ things. I can help you learn it, but you’ve got to put in the practice time, too.

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