Running a home studio can be a lonely thing.

You bring clients in, but the majority of your time is spent manipulating the sound after the client leaves, right?

Or maybe you’re working on your own music, so it’s just you and your studio for hours at a time.

Granted, I LOVE recording. I could spend all weekend in my studio and lose track of time, meals, bathroom breaks, you name it. 🙂

However, I’ll share with you a secret that has made me a better engineer.

That secret? Get the heck out of the studio.

Specifically, spend time with OTHER audio folks. Every single time I hang out with a fellow engineer, whether he does this for a living or on the side, I learn something new, something interesting, something I can TRY next time I’m in the studio.

So whether you know a ton of engineers or not, I encourage you to get out of your studio and interact with other people who love recording and music as much as you do.

If you live in the middle of nowhere and don’t know anyone, maybe that means you become a VIP member and “hang out” in the private forums with hundreds of other passionate folks (


What if you could hang out…in person…in Nashville…with me and Graham Cochrane for two days?

Oooo…sounds like fun, right?

Well, Graham and I are putting on our second annual Simply Recording Academy. It’s a two-day workshop at a studio here in Nashville, complete with session musicians and everything.

We only have room for a handful of people, and before tickets go on sale, we’re giving away one seat…FOR FREE.

Get more details on the latest episode of our podcast. Here’s the link:

Then after listening, if you can get yourself to Nashville on July 26-28, 2012, head over here and enter to win a free ticket:

That’s it for today. Thanks!

Joe Gilder