Last week my wife Pam and I took on the task of refinishing our kitchen cabinets. They were very dark, so in an effort to brighten up our kitchen, we refinished them with a nice white color.

The problem with working on cabinets is that once you take them off the hinges, you’ve got to put them somewhere. So our entire kitchen and dining room was covered in cabinet doors. PLUS you get the added bonus that all of our cabinets were wide open, leaving plenty of things for our 1-year-old to get into.

Needless to say, our kitchen was a MESS.

And that’s exactly how it needed to be.

The mess kept us motivated.

The longer it took us to finish the project, the longer we had to live in a disaster area. The motivation to get our house back in order far outweighed the desire to be lazy and take our sweet time.

And there’s a big ol’ lesson here for us studio folks, too.

Here it is:

If you never make a mess, you’ll never get what you want.

I’ve talked about just diving in before. You can’t just sit on the sidelines and expect these recording projects to finish themselves.

We tend to want to play at a safe distance, never get in over our heads, and if you’re doing that you are missing out on the BEST way to learn and get better.


You commit to a project, even if you’ve never done a project like that before…and you make it happen.

Did my wife and I know that we’d end up with good-looking cabinets? Nope. For all we knew, we’d make a huge mess and THEN have to hire someone to come in and actually refinish the cabinets the right way.

But we would have never known if we didn’t go for it…mess and all.

And our kitchen would still be dark and bleh.

Sometimes it takes seeing someone else making progress to really motivate you to get up and get moving. And that’s what you’ll find if you join the Production Club. Details here: