This Saturday, Ian Shepherd has graciously agreed to join me and the other HSC VIP members for a Q&A all about MASTERING. If you don’t know Ian, he’s the man behind Production Advice, Mastering Media, and Dynamic Range Day. He’s also a professional mastering engineer in the UK.

The VIP session will be on Saturday, June 11th, at 4 pm CDT. I hope you can make it.

VIP memberships are currently $5/month. For five bucks, you get access to all past and future VIP Sessions (everything is recorded and archived inside the members area). You also get access to the VIP private forums AND special bonuses from me.

All for the cost of a popular 12-inch sandwich. 🙂

Join now while the price is still ridiculously low (only $5).

And make sure to stop by Saturday and pick Ian’s brain. 🙂