Giving away stuff is super fun.

In case you missed it, everyone who bought a copy of Understanding Microphones in the last week was entered for a chance to win one of three microphones. I drew names over coffee this morning, and the winners are:

* Javier from Cincinnati, who won a CAD M179 multi-pattern condenser microphone

* Jim from Canada, who won a Shure SM57 dynamic microphone

* Ange from Australia, who won a Cascade FatHead ribbon microphone

Jim, Javier, and Ange, congratulations! You should have an email from me to work out where to ship these mics.

Speaking of giving away things…

Obviously a big motivation for me in giving away microphones was to attract more attention to a new product I was launching, but it also gave me a chance to do something unexpected for someone. Something that makes their life a little bit better and will (most likely) make them even more loyal to me and Home Studio Corner.

How can you do something like that in your studio?

What can you offer potential clients that will get them excited and make them feel special?

Even if it costs money, you may find that showering your clients with little “extras” can transform them from one-time clients into LIFETIME clients.

That’s worth a lot.

I talk about this a little bit in this week’s VIP video. Specifically, I talk about how to handle MONEY you make from your studio, and also I refer back to a classic VIP video where I give you ideas for attracting and dealing with new clients.

You have access to all of that as a VIP member (plus there’s a “hidden” video in the members’ area called 46 Ways to Get New Clients).

To check ‘em out for yourself, go here:

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