Did you ever watch those Disney sing-a-long videos as a kid? The ones where you “follow the bouncing ball”?

They made 6-year-old Joe feel like a genius.

“I know all the words to all the songs!!”

Maybe you felt like a genius, too. (It’s okay to admit it.)

Then fast-forward a few decades, and you’re sitting in front of a computer screen, desperately trying to mix a song, and you’re not feeling so “genius-like” anymore.

It’s easy to get stuck and frustrated.

Heck, it happens to me all the time.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “bouncing ball” inside your mixing software?

(Note to self: develop bouncing ball mixing software.)

Imagine that.

You’d be working on the kick drum, and the magical ball would bounce over to the EQ plugin, then it would bounce on the Low-Mid knob and tell you to turn 400 Hz down by about 8 dB.

Then it would bounce over to the compressor and tell you to use a 40 ms attack and 50 ms release and a 2:1 ratio.

Then it would just keep bouncing down your mix until you were finished, almost a “paint by numbers” approach to mixing.

That would be a sweet way to learn. Because you wouldn’t only be watching someone make those adjustments. You would be physically doing them yourself.

And it’s a lot easier to remember something when you’ve actually done it, as opposed to only watching someone else do it.

While I’m probably several years away from developing that “follow the bouncy ball DAW” idea, I do have the next-best thing.

It’s my new Understanding Mixing class. We’re only about a week or so in, and tomorrow we start moving faders and working on the very first step in the mix process.

The structure of the class is like this:

Every Tuesday/Thursday, you download the latest video.

After watching the video, you open up your session (of the same song I’m mixing, which is provided with your membership), and you do the same thing I did in my session.

It’s as “bouncy ball” as it gets, and it allows you to truly absorb what I’m teaching in a way that will help you automatically get a better mix on your next song.

So, if you want in on the fun, go here:


Joe Gilder
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