What do zombies and audio engineers have in common?

Both can be terribly stubborn and mindless.

Zombies have a pretty good excuse. (They can’t really help themselves, you know?)

We, on the other hand, CAN change things, if we start using our brains a little more.

Tell me this. When you reach for an EQ plugin, do you usually just start randomly boosting stuff? Are you an EQ zombie? Mindlessly turning knobs without any sense of direction?

There’s hope, I promise.

When I first started out mixing, I would randomly turn knobs. Kick drum doesn’t sound big enough? Umm, okay. Let me boost the lows. Oops. Now it’s not cutting through. Lemme boost the highs. Ah, crap. It still sounds bad.

It’s an endless cycle if you don’t break through.

The best way to break through? Become intimately familiar with the various frequency ranges.

“Okay, that’s great, Joe, but what next?” you may ask.

Hold on there, cowboy.

Just because the answer seems “too simple” doesn’t mean it’s not the right answer.

One of the big reasons people mindlessly twist EQ knobs like zombies is because they honestly don’t really know what the different frequency ranges sound like.

Do you really know what 60 Hz sounds like? 100? 150? 400? 1k? 3k? 8k?

A better question is this — Do you know what a bass guitar sounds like at each of those frequencies? Acoustic guitar? Snare drum?

The more you train yourself to pick out various frequencies in your tracks, the better you’ll be at EQ-ing those tracks.

Want to learn a really cool way to do ear training, plus the RIGHT way to use EQ once you learn how to pick out frequencies?

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Joe Gilder