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This is amazing Joe. Very informative. It is the most practical and informative information I have listened to or watched to date out of literally 1000’s of hours, 1000’s and 1000’s of dollars, and almost 20 years of self-training. I am captivated and encouraged to continue on the journey. Thank you for doing this...Your simple approach to this is so foundational and appreciated.

- Jim Davidson, Tennessee

I have now gotten the confidence in my mixes to where my band is telling me my mixes are sounding great, and I am starting to have other bands knock on my door! You're a great teacher and admire all you do....THANKS JOE!!

- Dino Eumenidi, Connecticut

Your method is exceptional, no BS just really helpful and entertaining content. Having done a lot of online courses before, I have comparisons of great courses too, but your mixing course method really got me moving forward like no other, so thank you for your sincerity and know-how. You’re a rock star dude!!!

- Nate Stucky, Australia

This was incredibly helpful. To have all this info concentrated like this really, really makes a difference...I just re-mixed a couple of songs from before this course, and man, I was appalled with myself. What was I thinking? Tried a bit of what you showed me here, and just like that - almost like magic - they came together much better. I can't thank you enough, Joe.

- Brato Useba, Nova Scotia

So, I have a cert in music production from Berklee, going back to 2009 here...So much has changed and evolved regarding digital audio etc. since then. But I have to say, what I thought I knew, that education just feels like an 'overview' compared to what I learned from you in this course alone. And I'm still paying for the other thing. LOL!!

- Erin Murphy-Dunn, Massachusetts

Home Studio Mixing was THE game changer for me personally, and the best investment in my time in this game ever. I was looking for that process that made sense, that could be adaptable but orderly, to cater to specific things. You created the bones and we hang the meat. I use it exclusively with a template I have created, and it is so working for me.

- Scott Parker, Maryland