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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I can't get the vocals to sit properly in the mix.

  • My drums keep getting buried in the mix.

  • I can't get the kick drum sound right.

  • I can't figure out how to balance drums and bass with the rest of the mix.

  • I can't get the high frequencies right in my mix.

  • There's not enough clarity in my mixes. (I can't hear all the individual instruments.)

  • My mix feels flat compared to other mixes.

  • My mix doesn't sound nearly as good as professional mixes.

  • It takes forever to finish a mix,

  • I never know when my mix is finished.

I can help you to solve all of these problems and more inside Home Studio Mixing, a brand new mixing course that combines my thousands of hours of mixing experience with ten years of running Home Studio Corner to bring you the best mixing course on the planet.

Maybe you've seen my free 5-Step Mixing Guide. This course takes you on a deep dive into that 5-step process. I'll help you develop a system for mixing, a process you can run your mixes through to get great results every time.

Rather than tell you exactly which plugin settings to use on every channel (which would be useless, because every mix is different), I'll show you how to methodically apply these 5 steps to identify and solve problems in your mix. In doing so, you'll get better mixes in less time.

What's Included?

  • Over 40 in-depth video lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • Multi-Track Audio files to use to follow along with the lessons
  • The ability to get answers from Joe and interact with other members

You can fully access the course from both your computer AND using our app. Here are some screenshots:

9+ Hours of BONUS Content!

I love adding bonus content to my courses. In addition to the core content of Home Studio Mixing, you'll receive instant access to the following bonus material:

  • 4 additional songs to mix (These were the songs I recorded in the Home Studio Recording course.)
  • Over 9 hours of additional mixing videos



  • Home Studio Mixing course
  • Lifetime Access
  • 365-Day Guarantee
  • 9 Hours of Bonus Content
  • Mix Practice (50+ Songs to Mix)
  • Custom-Recorded Mix Critique



  • Home Studio Mixing course
  • Lifetime Access
  • 365-Day Guarantee
  • 9 Hours of Bonus Content
  • Mix Practice (50+ Songs to Mix)
  • Custom-Recorded Mix Critique



  • Home Studio Mixing course
  • Lifetime Access
  • 365-Day Guarantee
  • 9 Hours of Bonus Content
  • Mix Practice (50+ Songs to Mix)
  • Custom-Recorded Mix Critique

The Most Ridiculous

Guarantee on the Internet

I'll make this easy for you. You have a full year to decide if Home Studio Mixing was worth it. If you don't see significant improvement in your mixes, you can email 364 days from now and request a full refund. Easy peasy.

Vincent Howard

Another excellent course from Joe Gilder, no surprises there. What did surprise me was how big this course was, it really did pack a lot of stuff in, most of which I knew nothing about, so I have learned a huge amount from this process. I mixed the track while following along with the videos, and I switched over and did a similar process to my own track as well after each video, so I've ended up with 2 mixed tracks at the end...I've learned a lot and my ears seem to have got more discerning along the way. Excited to record some more tracks and then start mixing them. Thanks Joe! Loved it.

Chad Grieser

Many thanks and much gratitude for you taking time to show us this process, but to dive deep into explaining how you got here and why you do it this way. I blew thru this course in a couple of weeks, as i couldn't stop and put it down. I will definitely come back to this course in a few weeks or sooner, as i work on other songs, and if i hit roadblocks check here to see what i may have missed the first time thru it. Your humbleness and keeping the "oopsies" and bloopers in the videos were a great addition, as we all know we all make mistakes and goofs (i'm a drummer and have plenty of my own i make). They made this course that much more realistic as you try things and then later change them or redo them completely. I appreciated the honesty you used to help explain and teach us. Thank you again!

Brato Useba

This was incredibly helpful. To have all this info concentrated like this really, really makes a difference...I just re-mixed a couple of songs from before this course, and man, I was appalled with myself. What was I thinking? Tried a bit of what you showed me here, and just like that - almost like magic - they came together much better. Anyway, I can't thank you enough, Joe.

James Gramze

Fantastic class and worth the money. Thanks for making this, Joe, and great song!

Jim Smith

Thanks for this Joe! I really did gain a lot of knowledge during this course. I especially love how you kept it 'real' all the way through...mistakes and all. I'm very relieved to now finally have confidence in reigning in the guitars, and especially vocals. Also very happy knowing how to bring out the dynamics in a song where they sit just right without pumping too hard and creating speaker farts ! lol I will definitely revisit this course whenever I run into problems with my own mixes.

Mike Swift

This is the course I have been searching for!

Scott Parker

Your Home Studio Mixing course was the best investment I have made in my music. The process of how to make decisions and move on, instead of process for the process sake (or "tricks"), has been a game changer for me. Thank you, Joe!

Shaun Bowen

I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in improving their mixing skills; whether you are just starting out or have dozens of mix projects under your belt.

Phenomenal course Joe, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to the release of your mastering course :)

Nate Edmonds

Such a fantastic course. I watched and followed along with my own mix to have a significant difference. I plan to watch again to glean more from the lessons.

Damon Urenda

The quality of my work jumped up instantly (after YEARS of plateauing, and listening back to hear all my earlier work sound like I recorded it in a cave). So I recognize (and have experienced) the potential growth that taking action can bring!!

Sarah Fahringer

After years... and years... of struggling with everything you mention on here, I can't thank you enough for helping to solidify in my mind a) I am not crazy, b) the end result won't always suck, c) I can do this. I badly needed a consolidated course to walk through the process so I could feel confident and you filled that gap. I am forever grateful.

Meg Wilhoite

Wowza. I can't believe how much I just learned!! I feel so much more prepared and confident to tackle my (and, hopefully soon, other people's) mixes.

Brent Johnson

Wow. What a fantastic course, Joe…I loved your process-oriented approach and I learned so, so much. Just as important, this gave me both the confidence and motivation to try my hand at this.

Joe Read

Joe, superb course! I made the moves with you all along the way, finished when you finished, did the same number of mixes, etc. The reason I completed it more quickly is the level of engagement I experienced. By allowing us to see over your shoulder and see what you were doing all along the way you added a ton of value that benefitted me tremendously.

Rick DeAguiar

Joe, you rock. I can't believe I finished. It's hard to express in words how much I appreciate you and your style of teaching, your genuine/authentic caring, not to mention your overall talent. Impressive! I learned a ton about plugins. I learned how to set goals and make notes. I learned how to listen. I will look for more training from you. Thank you so much Joe.

James Shaw

Thanks man, this has been an amazing journey. I come away having improved my mixing skills as well as my ability to use Studio One. I feel like my DAW is now a tool I can use to accomplish my goals instead of me being the tool. Thanks for everything Joe, can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.

Jourdan Rolland

Man, the improvement I have made during this course is unbelievable. Thank you so much, I feel lucky to have been a part of this, and will be recommending this to friends. Really really great course Joe!

Darren Stewart

Crikey .... that was a journey. I could have been here a couple of weeks back but I deliberately slowed down towards the end because I just couldn't bear the idea of finishing this as I was enjoying it so much.

Eric Cathcart

Woot! Excellent course. I learned so much. Thank you!

Tissa Munasinghe

This mixing journey provided solid answers to my questions that start with "How to..". The narratives in the videos were super helpful, and how you corrected the mistakes that were made during the process was invaluable! I will return to these videos many times as this series would be my "Mixing Bible". Thank you Joe!!!

Erin Murphy-Dunn

So, I have a cert in music production from Berklee, going back to 2009 here...So much has changed and evolved regarding digital audio etc. since then. But I have to say, what I thought I knew, that education just feels like an 'overview' compared to what I learned from you in this course alone. And I'm still paying for the other thing. LOL!!

Domenic Carrubba

This course was amazing!

It is my first time mixing with the top down mixing method and it is such a game changer that I'm going to apply it to all my projects from now on. I am very grateful for your phenomenal teaching. Thanks once again.

Mark Franssen

Wow! What a journey, and what a result! Thanks so much for the details, the patience, the clarity and especially the not being afraid to show your mistakes ;-) That’s where we learn the most!

Having only done live mixing for years and years, this was a totally new way of approaching mixing. Especially the top-down mixing was an eye-opener for me.

Matthew Black

Thank you for the Home Studio Mixing course. I've been looking for something like this for a long time — a simple, reusable approach to working through a mix. Your system may not be for everyone, but it fits with my general opinion that less is more.

I've been doing home recording for a long time. Probably like a lot of people, I find that the escalating possibilities of the modern DAW can cut both ways — you can get some amazing things done, but you can also waste a lot of time. Your explanations were clear and the videos were easy to follow.

Well worth the $200 — hey, I've paid more for plugins that I used twice. Thanks again!

Thank you.

Whether Home Studio Mixing is right for you or not, thanks for reading this far. I hope you'll join us.

Better mixes await.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner

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