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If you're anything like me, you developed a deep passion for music at an early age. You find it hard to concentrate on anything else when music is playing. You're drawn to it. You get lost in it.

Somewhere along the way, you discovered that you can make your own music. You sat down at a piano or picked up a guitar for the first time, and you knew your life would never be the same. Eventually you discovered the wonderful world of audio recording and music production, and it was all over. This is what you were made for, except…

Except it's surprisingly difficult to figure out. Perhaps you feel like you were tricked. "It should be as easy as sitting down and pressing the Record button, right?" you might say to yourself. But it's not. Once you make it to the end of the recording process, you're not even halfway to the finish line. Next comes mixing, the mysterious art of blending all those tracks together in a way that sounds interesting, professional, and impressive.

Trying to figure out the mixing process can leave you feeling a lot of things:

  • “Mixing is frustrating.”
  • “It takes me forever to mix a song, and I’m never happy with the result.”
  • “My mixes sound nothing like the songs on the radio.”
  • “Mixing is intimidating. I don’t know where to start.”
  • “My mixes don’t sound as good as everyone else’s.”
  • “No matter what I try, my mixes sound muffled, boring, and stale.”
  • “When I use plugins, I feel like I’m randomly twisting knobs.”
  • “I’m embarrassed to play my mixes for anyone.”

You're not alone. A lot of people feel that way. I did for a long time, until I discovered a simple mixing method that changed everything.


  • Being able to crank out pro-level mixes, every time
  • Cutting your mixing time in half (or more)
  • Knowing exactly when and where to use plugins
  • Being able to easily hear problems in your mix (and knowing how to solve them easily)
  • Being excited to play your latest mix for your friends
  • Having a simple system that allows you to approach every mix with confidence

I know it may sound far-fetched, but this is 100% possible for you. How do I know? Because I experienced it myself, and I've witnessed the same transformation in hundreds of my students.

In case we haven't met...

My name is Joe Gilder, a music producer from Nashville. I've been making music in my home studio for more than 20 years. I launched my YouTube channel, Home Studio Corner, in 2009, to help people discover how to make great-sounding, pro-level music out of their home studios. I've helped absolute beginners release their very first album. I've helped experienced musicians take their music to the next level.

Helping thousands of people over the years puts me in a unique position to help you, because I've seen it all. Whatever problems you have, whatever obstacles you're facing, I can help.

"I have now gotten the confidence in my mixes to where my band is telling me my mixes are sounding great, and I am starting to have other bands knock on my door! You're a great teacher and admire all you do….THANKS JOE!!"

- Dino Eumenidi, Connecticut

"This was incredibly helpful. To have all this info concentrated like this really, really makes a difference…I just re-mixed a couple of songs from before this course, and man, I was appalled with myself. What was I thinking? Tried a bit of what you showed me here, and just like that - almost like magic - they came together much better. I can't thank you enough, Joe."

- Brato Useba, Nova Scotia

The Missing Piece: A System

You don't need to buy a bunch of fancy equipment or plugins. You have everything you need to get great-sounding mixes right now. You just need a system.

Home Studio Mixing IS THAT SYSTEM.

Inside the program, I teach you my exact process for getting great-sounding mixes, every time. The best part? It's a SIMPLE system that gets POWERFUL results.

It consists of 5 Steps:

  1. Mix Setup - How you prep your song for mixing will have a HUGE impact on how the mix turns out.
  2. The Static Mix - Mixing is all about balance. People rush to things like EQ and compression without first getting a solid, balanced, static mix. This step alone can solve most of the problems you face in your mixes.
  3. Fix Big Problems - As you do the Static Mix, you'll notice big problems that stand out. (Every mix has them.) Before we can move onto the "fun part" (step 4), we need to identify and fix these big problems. This sets the stage for:
  4. The Top-Down Mix - Top-Down Mixing is a backwards way to approach mixing. It's the single biggest contributing factor to me being able to mix entire songs in a few minutes rather than a few hours. It's all about dealing with groups of tracks rather than individual tracks. (How a track sounds by itself has very little to do with how it sounds in the mix.) If you spend all your time tweaking individual tracks, and listening to them in isolation, you'll never achieve great mixes.
  5. The To-Do List Method - Step 5 is the answer to the age-old question "How do I know when my mix is done?" This approach helps you definitively answer that question, and you'll spend a lot less time spinning your wheels on a mix that could've been finished hours ago.

Inside Home Studio Mixing, we'll work through each of the five steps, stopping along the way to teach you the concepts you need to know (like how to use EQ, compression, automation, etc.).

Here's a secret: You don't need to know everything to start getting amazing results. In fact, you only need to know a handful of simple skills. That's a big reason why Home Studio Mixing is so effective. I teach you the things you need to know, ignoring the rest.

In Home Studio Mixing, you'll learn…

  • how to set up your mix template in a way that can cut your mixing time in half
  • how to balance the tracks in your mix so that they respond well to plugins
  • the right time to use plugins (hint: it's later than you think)
  • how to hear problems in the mix (and how to solve them)
  • how to use tools like EQ, compression, effects, and automation
  • how to know when your mix is finished

…and a lot more.

Here's a list of everything included with Home Studio Mixing. As soon as you place your order, you'll have instant access to the following:

Home Studio Mixing Course - Rather than teach you everything up front and then show you how to apply those lessons to a mix, we dive right in. The first module covers basic concepts and philosophies of mixing that you need to know. Each of the following five modules covers one of the 5 steps of the mixing process. We jump right in, mixing as we go. You can download the tracks and follow right along. I'll stop and teach you concepts you need to know as we go, but you don't have to wait until the end to start hearing real results.

Bonus Mix Sessions (Home Studio Recording) - Home Studio Mixing is part 2 of a Trilogy of Courses (Recording, Mixing, Mastering). In my recording course, we record one song three different ways: a simple guitar/vocal, a "medium" production with lots of tracks and even cello, and a full rock band version. As a special bonus for Home Studio Mixing customers, I recorded mixing tutorials for each of these songs, walking you through the 5-step process on each one. Learning the concept is important. Repeating the process over and over again is how you get better. I've included the tracks to these bonus sessions, so you can mix along with me.

8 Detrimental Mixing Mistakes - This bonus training helps you avoid the most common mistakes I see plaguing home studio folks, sabotaging their results. You don't have to make the same mistakes I did. Implement the ideas in this training to instantly advance your progress by years.

10 Ways to Slash Your Mixing Time in HALF - What if I told you that you could mix a full song in under an hour? A lot of people think that's impossible. But it's not. This bonus training gives you 10 ways to shave lots of time off your mixes. Why does that matter? If you mix faster, you can make more music, accomplish more in less time, see results faster than ever. (And it's more fun!)

Voiceover Mixing Blueprint - Mixing spoken word is very different from mixing a singer. A lot of my students find themselves in positions where they need to be able to get consistently great "voiceover" mixes, whether they're creating a podcast, YouTube videos, or perhaps mixing sermon audio from their church. This training will show you the exact process I use for getting consistently great-sounding spoken word recordings, every time. (It's much simpler than you think.)

Mix Practice (50+ songs to mix) - Like I said before, as you learn this new way of mixing songs, you'll need to put in the reps and get some practice. Mix Practice gives you instant access to over 50 multi-tracks to download and mix. Not only will you be able to practice your mixing skills, but having access to high-quality tracks will help you better understand the recording and production process, what your tracks need to sound like if you want to get great mixes.

Personalized Feedback on One of Your Mixes (Advanced Bundle Only) - If you choose the Advanced Bundle, you can submit one of your mixes for private, recorded, personalized feedback from me, redeemable any time. My normal rate for this $200. This is one of the BEST ways to jump-start your creative process, having someone give you specific, actionable feedback on exactly what your song needs.

"Home Studio Mixing was THE game changer for me personally, and the best investment in my time in this game ever. I was looking for that process that made sense, that could be adaptable but orderly, to cater to specific things. You created the bones and we hang the meat. I use it exclusively with a template I have created, and it is so working for me."

- Scott Parker, Maryland

"So, I have a certificate in music production from Berklee, going back to 2009 here…So much has changed and evolved regarding digital audio etc. since then. But I have to say, what I thought I knew, that education just feels like an 'overview' compared to what I learned from you in this course alone. And I'm still paying for the other thing. LOL!!"

- Erin Murphy-Dunn, Massachusetts

A Question For You…

How much money have you spent on your studio? With computer, software, instruments, and other equipment, studies show that the average home studio owner will spend anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000+ on their home studios in their lifetime. If you were to enroll in an audio school, you could easily pay $80,000 or more for an audio degree.

For the price of a microphone, you can completely transform your music with this course. It's one of the only investments in your studio that is guaranteed to completely transform everything you do.

It's All GUARANTEED (no really)

If you follow this course and apply the system to your music, you will see transformational results. You won't believe how great your music sounds. If not, you can request a FULL REFUND. I call it The Most Ridiculous Guarantee on the Internet. You have ONE YEAR to decide if this was worth the money. (Try returning a microphone after a year.) I want to take the risk out of the equation for you. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

I hope this page got you excited about the possibilities for you and your studio. Click one of the buttons on this page to place your order for Home Studio Mixing. You'll get instant access and can start hearing results as soon as TONIGHT.


Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner



  • Home Studio Mixing
  • Home Studio Recording Mix Sessions 
  • 8 Detrimental Mixing Mistakes
  • 10 Ways to Slash Your Mixing Time in Half
  • Voiceover Mixing Blueprint
  • 50+ Songs to Mix
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Home Studio Songwriting
  • Home Studio Recording
  • Home Studio Mastering



Save $100

  • Home Studio Mixing
  • Home Studio Recording Mix Sessions 
  • 8 Detrimental Mixing Mistakes
  • 10 Ways to Slash Your Mixing Time in Half
  • Voiceover Mixing Blueprint
  • 50+ Songs to Mix
  • Personalized Feedback ($200)
  • Home Studio Songwriting
  • Home Studio Recording
  • Home Studio Mastering

4-Course Bundle


Save $397

  • Home Studio Mixing
  • Home Studio Recording Mix Sessions 
  • 8 Detrimental Mixing Mistakes
  • 10 Ways to Slash Your Mixing Time in Half
  • Voiceover Mixing Blueprint
  • 50+ Songs to Mix
  • Personalized Feedback ($200)
  • Home Studio Songwriting ($299) 
  • Home Studio Recording ($299)
  • Home Studio Mastering ($299)

Frequently Asked Questions

"Your method is exceptional, no BS just really helpful and entertaining content. Having done a lot of online courses before, I have comparisons of great courses too, but your mixing course method really got me moving forward like no other, so thank you for your sincerity and know-how. You’re a rock star dude!!!"

- Nate Stucky, Australia

"This is amazing Joe. Very informative. It is the most practical and informative information I have listened to or watched to date out of literally 1000’s of hours, 1000’s and 1000’s of dollars, and almost 20 years of self-training. I am captivated and encouraged to continue on the journey. Thank you for doing this…Your simple approach to this is so foundational and appreciated."

- Jim Davidson, Tennessee

"Thanks for everything Joe. Great song, great video content, great tutoring. After 48 years of gigging and 22 years of home recording, I thought this course would help me out just a bit. How wrong was I? So much more than expected. I'm now looking forward to enjoying my newly found skills. "

- Graham Mizen

"Awesome! Just awesome. Did I say this course is awesome? After completing two other mixing courses in the past and being discouraged, I FINALLY feel like I'm really beginning to understand what a good mix is and how to implement one of my own. I love, love, love that you left your boo-boos and minor missteps in since I learned a good bit from those as well."

- Mike O'Baugh

"Sooo much amazing content in here … I’ll be revisiting these many times I have no doubt!"

- Cory Thomas


"I'm glad I happened to catch a YouTube vid of yours, which got me to open your channel, which got me to invest in your course. I've taken more than one course like this and yours has quite honestly tied a bright, golden bow on top of it all. Well done, Sir… Well done."

- Michael Haley