Since 2009, Home Studio Corner has been helping frustrated musicians by providing the training and confidence they need to finally create the music they were born to make.

If you want to get better at mixing, you’ve come to the right place.

This is Mix Together, a free series of videos where I will invite you to join me as I mix a song (actually THREE songs) step-by-step from start to finish. Not only that, you can download the tracks and mix along with me…FOR FREE.

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Season 3 Now Available

There are now THREE SEASONS of Mix Together now. Season 1 features the song “Mission” by Joe Gilder (that’s me). Season 2 features a killer song called “Fool’s Gold” by the band Sunday Muse. Season 3 features a rockin tune called “You’re Not Alone” by Indecent Silence.

You can watch ALL the videos for FREE, but I highly recommend using the “CLICK HERE FOR YOUR TRACKS” link above to download the tracks and mix the song along with me. You’ll get 10 times the benefit if you do the mix yourself vs watching me do it.

Happy mixing!

Joe Gilder
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