Last month I wrote about why I don’t own AutoTune.

Here was a response I got from long-time subscriber Jodie:

“Thank you…  You have just inspired me.. once again 🙂

I have [AutoTune], but I’m not gonna use it anymore.. I try to only use it sparingly anyway, which really just messes everything up !!

I don’t need it 🙂 Just gonna sing it over and over till its right.  I’ll feel better about myself in the end.”

Now, the whole point of writing about AutoTune was not to convince anyone that it’s wrong to use it. I just wanted to share why I personally don’t own it.

Jodie’s reply made me think of something. Here’s what I wrote back:

“Thanks Jodie.

I think THAT’S the underlying issue. It’s like my wife and I trying to lose weight and eat healthier. I’m much more likely to eat those M&M’s if they’re in the house. If they’re not available, I’ll figure out a way to satisfy my hunger without them.

In the studio, if I’m singing, and I KNOW I can just go back and tune it later, then I know myself, I won’t sing as well or be as much of a stickler for a good performance.”

The tools we use are great, but if you find yourself relying on the tools so much that you sacrifice performance, it’s time to throw ‘em out.

Just like the M&M’s.

Get ‘em out of the house.

And while you’re at it, sign yourself up for a healthy “diet” of mixing one song per month.

Get started here:

It’s challenging, but it’s doable.

And you WILL get better.

Joe Gilder
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