I saw a statistic from a few years ago that said 60% of people in the US watch up to 5 hours of NFL per week.

27% watch 6-10 hours.

Per week.

I’m not here to judge. I like football. I just never seem to have time to watch it.

Yesterday I watched the Titans beat the Jaguars. I had forgotten how LONG football games are. If you watch more than one game per week, you’re pushing 6 hours of TV time.

What would happen if you boycotted football on ONE night per week?

I’m not saying cut it out altogether, but what if skipped ONE game per week and devoted that time to mixing a song?

Do you think it would be worth it?

Would you feel better after mixing a song for 3 hours, as opposed to flopping down on the couch for 3 hours?

I think so.

Let’s say you DO make time to mix a song, then comes the next big question:

“How do I know when I’m finished?”

Well, I have an answer for you in a free video called:

“The Nerdy Secret to Getting Better Mixes in Less Time”

You can watch it for FREE.

You’ll learn the method I use to know exactly when my mixes are finished.

It’ll keep you from spinning your wheels, wrecking a good mix, AND it’ll help you mix faster (and better).

Check it out here:


Joe Gilder
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