I love a good movie. Heck, I love a bad movie. I just like movies.

Whenever I watch a big action-hero-type movie, I walk away thinking about what would happen if I was ever in a situation where I needed to be the awesome hero.

My first response is usually, “I need to get in better shape.” (Because you can’t save lives without six-pack abs.)

But I generally take it to a more serious place, like a zombie apocalypse.

If something like The Walking Dead or World War Z went down, would I be able to save everyone? Could I snatch up my 40-pound twin girls and run with them for miles and miles to safety? Or would I get winded after 5 minutes and doom my family to become someone else’s dinner?

So I exercise. I try to get in shape so I can BE PREPARED for disaster when it strikes. (And being less of a chunky monkey is an added bonus.)

If you wait until the zombies are in your back yard to get in shape, it’s too late. In the same way, if you wait around for your big musical break instead of spending time practice and improving, you won’t be ready when the time comes.

What’s your dream? Is it to produce a major-label, Grammy-winning release? What if Adele called you up tomorrow to produce her next album. Would you be ready?

I know, I know. No one’s ever completely ready. But are you PREPARED? Have you developed your skills and collected enough experience to be able to pull it off?

THAT is why I spend far too much time encouraging you to get in the reps, release more music, work on more projects. It’s prep work for that “big break” that’s around the corner.

Be ready for it.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner