My head is still spinning a bit from Christmas.

And no, it has nothing to do with alcohol.

This year was the first time we celebrated Christmas with three children.

Last year we only had one.

We TRIPLED our kid count in one year.

As you can imagine, Christmas with a 3-year-old boy and 6-month-old twin girls is not exactly a restful, relaxing experience. Hauling kids, presents, and all the necessary “supplies” to the in-laws’ house for the day is a challenge.

And once you arrive, there’s always at least one little person who needs you…all the time.

It can be exhausting. Pam and I are still recovering.

But amidst all the exhaustion and regular moments of “do we even know what we’re doing?”, you learn to enjoy it. You learn to enjoy the awkward, neverending, sticky, messy process of having a family.

At the end of the day, when all 17,000 children are finally in bed, we plop down on the couch and talk about how sweet our kids are, and how much we love ‘em.

They’re crazy…but we love ‘em.

That’s how it should be, whether you’re raising kids or working on a recording project.

It gets insanely complicated sometimes. You wish you could just sit down and do something productive or creative, but there are seven other things you need to do first.

You thought it would be as easy as simply picking up your guitar and recording hit songs, but you quickly discovered that there’s a lot more to it, and it can be messy and overwhelming.

Don’t give up.

Remember why you got into recording to begin with.

Plow ahead into the unknown.

And if you need some help, grab a few tutorial videos from me before the big sale ends:

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner