I get asked a lot, “Hey man, what’s your favorite plugin for ________?”

Today I want to share with you my favorite EQ.

There are lots to choose from: free plugins, paid plugins, rack-mounted EQ’s, channel strips with EQ, mixers with EQ on each channel.

Then within each of those categories you have approximately a bajillion different options.

Here’s my favorite EQ.


It is…


“Dangit, Joe, you tricked me!” you may be saying to yourself.

I know…I kinda did. 🙂

But there’s a good reason behind it.

I’ve made PLENTY of bad recordings over the years, and do you know what was the culprit almost 100% of the time?

Was it the musician? Usually not.

Was it the mix? Not exactly.

Was it an alien invasion? Possibly.

But most of the time the culprit was MIC PLACEMENT.

See…I would rush so quickly through setting up the microphone, because I would be SO excited to get something recorded. If it didn’t sound great, I would just say to myself smugly, “I can always fix that in the mix.”

And we’d be off to recording.

Bad Joe.

The truth is this…my best mixes come from my best recordings. The time I invest on the front end (recording) pays off exponentially on the back end (mixing).

So before you look to something like my Understanding EQ course (www.UnderstandingEQ.com) to “rescue” your recordings, take a step back and make sure that you’re making the most of your mic placement during recording.

Small mic adjustments can make a HUGE difference in the tone of the recording.

Take the time to do it right, and you won’t have to “fix” it later.