This is going to sound strange, I know.

Every winter, as the air gets dryer, I turn into a shock factory.

It seems like everything I touch produces a small shock. (Hello, static electricity.)

It gets to where I cringe every time I touch a computer or a doorknob, waiting for the inevitable jolt.

One day I was standing in the frigid cold, putting gas in my car, when I realized that my propensity to shock things could be my downfall. Imagine one tiny little spark erupting right next to the gas pump.

Boom. No more Joe.

I know it’s ridiculous and irrational.

That’s why I bring it up.

We say all sorts of ridiculous and irrational things when it comes to working on music in our home studios, too.

Take the following two statements, for example. Both are equally ridiculous.

“It is impossible to get a great recording without using real drums.”

“You can’t get a great-sounding song using MIDI drums, period.”

Both ridiculous, right?

While I tend to prefer to use a real drummer, that doesn’t mean you can’t create some pretty incredible drum parts using MIDI drum software.

And I think we would all agree that whether we’re recording real drums or “fake” drums, it’s very easy to mess things up.

So, if you do a lot of drum programming, I want to help you avoid messing things up.

I just posted a new FREE video called “5 Drum Programming Mistakes,” where I share the 5 ways you can royally ruin a drum part (and how to avoid them).

You can watch it for free here:

Joe Gilder
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