People tend to get a little “weirded out” by mastering.

They assume that since it’s such an important stage in a song’s life that it must be really complex.

It’s really not.

I used to think the same way, but the more mastering jobs I did, the more I realized how simple the process can be.

Let me make an important distinction here. There’s a big difference between “simple” and “easy.” Mastering (like anything else you do in the studio) isn’t easy.

It is, however, fairly simple.

You don’t need a dozen high-end, super-expensive plugins to get the job done. You can probably get a decent-sounding master with the plugins you already own.

When I master a song, I’m usually using no more than 4 or 5 plugins…TOPS.

Here are the plug-ins I use and the order I like to use them:

  • Gain
  • EQ
  • Multi-Band Compressor
  • Limiter

(I “borrowed” that order from Ian Shepherd, FYI.)

So…if you have access to those 4 plugins, you should be able to master your own mixes…

IF (and this is a big if) you know HOW to properly set up those plugins.

Just slapping ’em on your track won’t cut it. You need to know what to listen for, what settings to adjust, etc.

That’s where it can get tricky.

But luckily, Ian Shepherd’s gonna walk you all the way through it.

Make sure you sign up for his class if you want to get serious about mastering your mixes.

Here’s the linky link:

Joe Gilder