I played football in high school.

I worked my tail off in practice and in the weight room, but I never went “the extra mile.” I did what was expected of me, and I worked hard when I was supposed to (even when the other guys were being lazy), but that was it.

And I was pretty good.

(Ahem…All-Conference Offensive Lineman…ahem…)

But I wasn’t GREAT.

Then there were players like Josh. Josh’s dad would film the game, and they would watch the whole thing, play-by-play, when they got home from the game. They would go over every mistake, one at a time.

When the game was over for me, I’d head home and go to sleep (usually on the couch).

For Josh, his night was just beginning. 

Now, I’m not saying this is a great way to parent a kid. But I will say this: Josh was a much better football player than I was. He had a bunch of natural talent, but he spent way more time practicing than I did.

Now, imagine I walked up to my coach one day, half-way through the season, and said, “Coach, I just bought some high-end shoulder pads and a top-of-the-line helmet. I am now the best player on the team, okay?”

He would have laughed and made me go run sprints or something.

It’s a ridiculous statement.

But boy, people do the same thing in the audio world ALL THE TIME.

“My mixes suck, but don’t worry. I just upgraded all my gear, so my mixes will sound professional from now on.”

We don’t expect it to work that way in the football world, and it sure as heck doesn’t work that way in the audio world either.

You gotta practice.

You gotta put in the effort.

You gotta log the hours.

There’s no other way, pumpkin.

And a great way to get into the habit of regular practice?

A great way to make yourself better, one mix, one month at a time?



Get after it.

Joe Gilder
Home Studio Corner