Do you know how lucky we are?

Had we been born a mere 50 years earlier, we wouldn’t have access to nearly the amount of opportunities we have today.

Specifically, the proliferation of the world wide interwebs allows normal, average Joe’s like you and me to connect and collaborate with musicians all over the world.

Don’t believe me? Over the last few years I’ve collaborated with people from places like Finland, England, Nigeria, France, and all over the US. All without leaving Nashville.

You may think that collaborating with other musicians isn’t something you’ll be able to do, or something you can do easily.

Let me see if I can dispel a few myths for ya.

Myth #1 – Everyone must use the same DAW.

When I collaborate with Joel (bass) and Tim (drums) on a project, sometimes we all record the parts in our own home studios.

I use Studio One. Joel uses Reason. Tim uses Digital Performer.

Guess what? It literally doesn’t matter. We get stuff done quickly and easily.

Speaking of easy…

Myth #2 – Online collaborations is really complicated and time-consuming.

I could make the argument that it’s LESS time-consuming than actually bringing musicians into your studio to record. Oftentimes, I’ll hire out parts of a project BECAUSE it saves time. I don’t have to be there for the recording process. I just get an email that says, “I’m done. Check Dropbox for the tracks.”

Easy peasy.

Myth #3 – It’s better to just do-it-yourself than bother collaborating with other musicians.

This is a tough myth to shake.

Just because you CAN program drums in EZDrummer doesn’t mean you should.

I’m not bashing EZDrummer or any other virtual instrument out there. I’m simply speaking from experience.

I’m VERY good at programming drums. I’ve fooled drummers before with my programmed drums. And yet, I still prefer to use a real drummer.

Why? Because I tried it, and it worked.

It worked much better than anything I could have come up with on my own.

And the same is true for bass…or any other part you need to record that’s not your primary instrument.

DIY makes for great HGTV shows, but in the studio I’ve found that the more I incorporate other people, the better things sound.

So there you go.

To see my full process for collaborating with musicians online, check out this week’s VIP training video.

You can access the video, along with tons of other goodies, here:

Joe Gilder
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