Ever watch that show “Name That Tune” back in the day?

Contestants would bet each other that they could “name that tune” in a certain number of notes.

It would be fun to create our own version.

“Joe, I can mix that tune with 10 plugins.”

“Well I can mix that tune with 8 plugins.”

And so on…

What made me think of this was a mixing workshop I did this past Saturday at my home studio.

Four of my VIP members spent the day in my studio. We covered a LOT of ground, but the primary focus was mixing.

We spent a few hours mixing a song. At one point, the mix was sounding pretty close to finished. The overall tone of the mix was great. There were some tweaks we would want to do to shape the tone a little bit more, but the majority of the mixing had been done already.

And how many plugins do you think we used?

(I’m not asking how many types of plugins, but the total number of plugins used on the entire song.)

The song had around 22 tracks.

If I recall correctly, we had used 9 plugins.


No, you don’t get a special prize for using fewer plugins. And fewer plugins won’t magically transform your mixes. But if you struggle with over-mixing the song, like we talked about in yesterday’s email, then it would do you some good to challenge yourself to mix a song with only a handful of plugins.

Coincidentally, that’s how I mixed the song “I Left My Body,” which is this month’s song over at Dueling Mixes. It’s one of the better mixes I’ve done in a while. To see how I did it and mix it for yourself, go to:


Joe Gilder
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