I’ve been called many things.

And “nerd” is one of ‘em.

Thing is, I’m especially nerdy when it comes to things like business and productivity. I’m always trying some new way to get more done in less time.

But sometimes that comes back to bite me in the rumpus.

Sometimes I can get so caught up in doing things quickly and efficiently that I lose sight of what it is I’m actually doing. Being efficient is different from being effective.

And sometimes to be effective you need to spend more time on a project.

On the flippity flip-side, however, there’s a different problem.

You spend so much time on something that you reach a point of diminishing returns. The more time you spend, the worse you get. It’s just as bad as spending too little time on a project (if not worse).

Over the last few years I’ve discovered a simple method for finishing mixes that doesn’t involve working too fast or too slow. It’s a completely different mindset for mixing, and it has helped me improve my mixes tremendously.

I’ll tell you all about it this Wednesday night at 8pm central time on a FREE webinar.

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