Do you want to have some success as a musician or audio engineer?

Get rid of the backup plan.

Check out this short video from one of my favorite artists, Derek Webb:

In the video, he talks about what it takes to make it as an artist. He says, “If there’s something else you can do, do that.”

He’s not being unnecessarily negative. He’s just saying that if you can live without being an artist (or recording music), then do that. Because you’ll eventually end up doing that thing anyway.

To make it, you’ve got to be “all in.” You can’t have a backup plan, because you’ll inevitably do that instead of the art.

What would that look like for you?

Okay, maybe your goal isn’t to quit your day job and make a living from your studio. But what would it look like to have that kind of commitment to your work in the studio?

What if you agreed to work on projects, even though you weren’t sure you could pull it off?

No backup plan.

What if you your answer to “Can you do X?” was always
“Yes.” And then you figured out a way to make it happen?

No backup plan.

What if you viewed creating music as a calling rather than a hobby? Something to be pursued religiously rather than occasionally?

Some good questions to ask yourself.

And while you’re at it, maybe you need to start making (and keeping) some commitments to yourself.

Like getting better at mixing, one mix at a time, by joining Dueling Mixes or Mix Practice?

Isn’t it time you took the the plunge?

Joe Gilder
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